Tape in hair extensions is made with best glue and tape, then the hair never get shedding. this human hair made from clean bulk hair which is natural healthy sheen a little extra body, tangle and frizz-free!

Luxury Elegance Tape extensions from ELEGANCE WIGS LIMITED have been the industry’s whipping boy of late, largely down to the fact that people bandy words like DAMAGING and MATTING around when they’re mentioned.

I’d like to clear up this misconception: tape extensions, if properly applied and cared for and made with good quality hair, are absolutely phenomenal. I had a full head applied in Russia, where they really know their extensions.


They are connected by wide bonds that look like two bits of Sellotape. Your own hair is placed between them and they are clamped around the strands. The wide, rather than skinny bonds, ensure they don’t look stringy and strand-y after a few washes. They’re dreamy, luscious and if you’re kind to them they’ll last for ages.

Durability: Things can get tangled as your own hair starts to grow, but they’ll be good for up to five or even six months without a big maintenance job.


How to Shower with Tape In Hair Extensions

Make sure that your clients follow this basic guide for washing their hair with tape in hair extensions.


  1. Brush Hair Before Getting Into the Shower

It’s important to brush your hair with the Wet/Dry Detangling brush 2-3 times a day when you have hair extensions. You should always brush your hair before getting into the shower. This will keep it from tangling up while it’s being washed.

  1. Make Sure that You Shampoo Correctly

While you are shampooing, make sure that you are using a shampoo that has been specially formulated for the hair extensions. This will make sure that the hair extensions always remain as nice looking as possible. There is also a specific way that you need to shampoo the hair itself. Start at the root and slowly rub the shampoo downward through the hair. You do not need to shampoo all the way to the tips. Do not use a scrubbing or circular motion while shampooing the hair as this will seriously tangle their hair.


  1. Use a Conditioner from the Mid-Shaft Down

Whenever they condition the hair, make sure they are not using a “hydrating” conditioner, especially around the adhesive of the tape in hair extensions. They only really need to use a conditioner to moisturize the hair from the mid-shaft down. Our leave in conditioner spray is the perfect option for any woman with hair extensions.

  1. Carefully Brush and Towel Dry the Hair

When you get out of the shower, carefully brush your hair. Then use a towel to dry your hair. Start at the top of the hair and slowly move down the shaft of the hair to the tips. Do not rub the towel into the hair. This will tangle the hair and damage the hair extensions.

  1. Blow It Out

Use Heat, Treat + Shine as a protectant through the hair and then blow the hair out. This will help to make sure that the hair remains protected from the damage that the heat from blow dryers can cause. Use the blow dryer and brush to dry the hair section by section. This will also minimize the damage that blow dryers can cause.

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