Nowadays, beside we concentrate on our health, we also take care about our beauty and fashion. And our hair is one of most first look. Hair extensions businese is developing all over the world from Asia to Euro. According to each person inquiry, we will choose each hairstyles to be suitable to our face.

If you search hairstyles in the Internet, you can see many results and many kind of hair which come from many country, and if you don’t work at hair field, you will not know what kind of hair clearly and which one you can choose.

We can find out some of hair extensions – beside Vietnamese hair in the market now and characteristic of those hair extensions:

 1. Brazilian hair:

  • Brazilian hair is silky and shining with strong texture from top to bottom, you can design it with your hairstyles without change quality
  • Hairstyles is straight and curly or wavy
  • If it is virgin Brazil hair, be the high quality
  • It is most popular in the market now, you can see that every supplier supply it and of course you have to find out which company supply real virgin Brazil hair or only use this brand.

2. India hair:

  • Indian hair is coarse and a little silky with thick hair fiber.
  • This hair is not as shine as Brazilian hair but it is more silk than Chinese hair
  • With natural indian hair, it is withstanded high temperatures and chemical so it is easy curled and styled.
  • Virgin Indian hair is good quality but it is very few in the market
  • It is normal straight and curly hairstyles
  • Indian hair is popular and many company supply it.
  • Now day, Indian hair with NON-REMY HAIR is most popular sold on the market.

  3. Chinese hair:

  • Chinese hair is a large proportion in the market with many kind of hair to be advertised.
  • It is dry, thick and coarse with species diversity.
  • Hairstyles looks beautiful but it is often processed much from natural human hair so its lifetime is short
  • It is cheap price but you should take care it very carefully when you choose it, it is often mixed synthetic fiber or non-remy hair inside human hair which make you difficult to use then.

4. Malaysian hair:

  • Malaysian hair is silk, beautiful hairstyles and thick
  • It is not excessively shiny but it is thinner and lighter than Chinese hair and same as brazilian hair
  • This hair is normal straight and body wavy.
  • Its color is dark brown, some hair may have lighter end

5. Peruvian hair:

  • Peruvian hair is high quality in the market and better than Brazilian hair.
  • It is silk, soft and shining and long lifetime.
  • With Virgin Peruvian hair, it is very silk and healthy when you design hairstyles it looks most natural.
  • This hair is normal wavy and natural curly which is suitable to African-American.

6. Cambodian hair:

  • Cambodian hair is same as Indian hair texture: thick and coarse, a little silky.
  • It is normal wavy and natural curly.
  • Its fold is kept long time.
  • You can straighten, curl or use chemical when you want change hairstyles (as it is natural curly and wavy).
  • It is suitable to black woman hairstyles.

This is some informations about kinds of hair in the market now, if you want to know more details, please contact us directly.



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