Two years gone, the hair still looks Fab!


I have been using hair supplied by Elegence Wigs Limited since 2011 and am always pleased with the results.
My preferred type of hair is Indian or Brazilian Virgin Remi Hair as I am of Afro-Caribbean decent. A few months ago I kept my own hair in its natural state but recently decided to have extensions put in. In my amazement, having dug out all the old bundles of virgin hair previously bought from this company, all the hair was still in reusable condition. I found myself spoilt for choice. Once I decided which hair to use I washed it with AtOne Argan Oil shampoo, let dry over night and went to the hairdressers the next day. After being washed, the hair was in ‘brand new condition’.

My hairdresser and other customers always comment on how impressed they are with the hair and are amazed when I say its the 3rd/4th time I am using the same hair.

I strongly recommend that users of virgin remi hair simply apply a bit of tender, loving care, follow hair care advice and it can be used as many times as you like. I am now re-wearing hair extensions that I used 3 times previously in 2011, I am very pleased that I spent my money well.

My top 5 tips for buying good virgin hair extensions are:

1. Buy from a reputable company (do research and check feedback).
2. Ensure your hairdresser can install the hair as a full weft without cutting the wefts into short pieces (this is vital for re-use and no shedding) they can turn the wefts and not have to cut them.
3. Brush and cover your hair (with scarf) every night (this avoids having to deal with overly messy hair in the morning).
4. Only wash the hair when you feel it needs to be washed, as extensions loosen and human hair looses natural moisture with each wash.
5. Keep your hair moisturised with a natural oil 2 to 3 times a week maximum (I use pure coconut oil or aloe vera extract hair polish)

I hope you have found my short and sweet blog useful. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

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