What is the hair cuticle ?

Hair consists of epidermis, cortex layer, about medulla layer composition, and the epidermis is composed of many small cuticle overlapping, this is what we call the cuticle, it can be said is a protective layer,, if the hair on the small cuticle arranged in neat rows, will be more a reflection of light, so the hair will look beautiful and moving, such as the protection of the improper, forced hair brushes, hair or regular shampoo, perm, hair and so on will damage the hair epidermis layer, so that the glossy hair loss.


About hair cuticle
Complete hair scales, smooth, and smooth edges. With smooth hair, hair supple and shiny, easy to comb. Cuticle damage, hair scale arch or by the bad, the hair began to lose luster, feel rough. Loss of part of the hair cuticle, so that the skin exposed, the hair becomes rough and dull. Further loss of cuticle to cortex became weak to dry, resulting in hair split ends.

Causes of damage to cuticle:
Lead to hair cuticle damage: ultraviolet, strong ultraviolet radiation will damage the hair keratin chain structure leads to the chain structure fracture, so that the hair scale cock, spalling.
Inverted comb hair, hair growth direction against the hair comb hair.
Heating, using an electric heating device, such as an electric heating hair curling iron or a hair dryer.

How to protect hair cuticle:
Right Xihu program of cuticle protection: wash your hair before should first hair comb clear and coherent, but when the hair is wet, it must not be forced to comb. Water temperature to 40 degrees C-45 degrees C is appropriate. The hair thoroughly after wetting, the first shampoo foam in your hair in the hand. Shampoo with a finger belly massage, and finally rinse clean.

After road all above these, i think you must also be aware of what is remy hair and non-remy hair, please see the picture:


All of our human hair on the store is remy hair, so they are not easy to be tangled and rough.

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