How to choose peruvian brazilian hair bundles

Kicking off our second part of choosing the right weave series is how to pick the right type of human hair weave given the type of hair you have and the kind of style you want. See the first post here. Human hair comes in different types depending on texture, there is Peruvian, Brazilian, Indian and Malaysian hair and your final look will determine the type you pick. Below is a breakdown of the different types of human hair weave that will come in handy when you’re shopping for your weave.

  • Peruvian hairhas a multipurpose texture which blends well with all types of hair including natural or relaxed African hair and even coarse Caucasian hair meaning you don’t have to relax your hair if you have natural hair and want to leave it out. Most Peruvian hair weaves are straight or body wave and very light meaning even if you have 4 bundles on, you won’t feel the weight. Use a minimum of 3 bundles to have enough volume. Peruvian is also more expensive than Indian or Brazilian.
  • Malaysian hairhas a very fine and shiny texture so it goes well with soft and silky hair meaning if you have natural hair you’ll have to relax it if you want to leave part of hair out or you can opt for a closure which is usually the best option for a clean and neat look. Malaysian hair is usually straight, with a body wave or loose waves and given its silky and light texture you will also need a minimum of 3 bundles for full volume.
  • Indian hairwhich I swear by is the best blend for natural African hair and this is because it has a dense and coarse texture so you don’t have to relax your hair if you want to leave your hair out. Indian hair usually has a natural wave or curly and due to its thickness you will not need a lot of bundles if you want volume and you can use a minimum of 2 bundles.
  • Brazilian hairis similar to Indian hair but the texture is coarser. It has a thick and full bodied texture and also blends well with natural African hair. Brazilian hair usually has natural waves or curly. It is rarely straight and if you find a straight one it usually has some loose waves. Brazilian hair hold curls well especially when wet and just like Indian you only need a minimum of 2 bundles and your fabulous look is sorted.
  • Eurasian hairis hair that comes from people of European and Asian descent. It is silky, smooth and thick and blends well with relaxed hair meaning you either use a closure or relax you hair if you want to leave it out. Eurasian hair is usually straight or wavy and you need a minimum of 3 bundles for full volume.

The prices range between 3000 to 30,000 Kshs a bundle depending on the length.

*Model is wearing Peruvian hair

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