How to starting my hair business? Starting a Hair Business is Easy?

How to starting my hair business?

Starting a Hair Business is Easy? Yes,i have to say so,if you starting step by step.

 Here is Five Tips for Starting Your Own Hair business.

How to Start a Hair Business

If you’re new to the world of the Hair Extension Business, you need all the tips you can get to stay ahead of the competition. Get the process with our top five tips when looking how to start a hair business.

There are many considerations and factors that go into creating a optimized hair extension business – you need reliable suppliers – this point will be the backbone of your company.

Below we go a little in depth on what is required, what is necessary for your hair extension business and why.

Your Hair Business Basics

Will your hair business be based out of the U.S.? You don’t want products shipped directly from China,or anywhere else you find a supplier.

We’ll tell you why.

Your promise to deliver great quality hair extensions is your commitment to your customer. When an overseas supplier fills orders, you have to trust that your distributor in China or elsewhere in the world will send you a high-quality product on time.

We know that this cannot always be guaranteed. but as a manufacturer in China,we dont only wholesale to all over the world,elegance wigs limited is reputed to be a reliable supplier. Selling hair weave is much easier when you don’t have to worry about an honest hair supplier that is excited to work with you.

#1 – Trustworthy Wholesale Hair Supplier

Figuring out how to start a hair business is a lot easier when you work with a team of can just sending us email or contact us by whats app:+8613560407888 to know more details before you starting doing anything.

We know that for you to succeed, you need the best backing and support you can get where you can get a supply of hair extensions quickly.

Our warehouse holds an extensive inventory of weave, wigs and more, all size and styles you do not have to worry about orders not being fulfilled if utilizing our Dropship Program.or next day shipping,only customized colors and styles,we need one week for processed.

since we have all the hair in stock ready for shipping,thats means you can get the products to get shipped immediately or within the next working day and your customers do not have to wait weeks to get their purchases delivered.

These may seem like small points, but when your business depends upon a reliable hair extension supplier, you want to feel that peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a reliable distributor.

Our team delivers a significant number of hair extensions in a variety of styles any day of the week. Both you and your customers can get the peace of mind that the hair provided is of the highest quality.

#2 – Great Marketing

If you have your own Hair Extension Business, you need to get it noticed and out there. After finding a great hair distributor, this is the second most important step when working on how to start a hair business.

The only way people will know that your business exists is if you market it well with a great hair extension website.

You’ve never heard anyone raving about a mediocre designed website right?

Your website should be bold, catchy, informative and of course, sell your hair extensions.

But just creating a great website is not enough too. It’s all about hair extension marketing. You have to publicize your website through social media.

Social Networking is the key to a business’ success. If you look at the statistics and some users on any social networking site, you’ll realize the great potential there is for future business and prospective clients when you advertise your business on them.

Great hair is just one part of how to start a hair business. Your marketing is going to be crucial for success!

With hundreds of millions of users on social media, you could drum up business for your hair extension company. Social Media Websites like Facebook and Twitter are great sites to publicize your business. Make your company page. Write related posts that could be featured on Google Search. Blog about it. Be proud of your business and truly own it on various websites.

Companies like Facebook and Google have great advertising opportunities if you’re willing to go down the paid route. You are guaranteed to get the right exposure to the right crowd and the right demographics; it just needs a bit of work – but who ever said that the good things in life come easy and without hard work?

Even the simple old-fashioned way of emailing people is very effective. This is because this is a more direct approach. You are reaching out to potential clients, and you will be mailing them because they are either interested, or they know someone who is. This is a great way of generating sure business.

#3 – Hair Extension E-Commerce Website

Why do you like shopping at various websites or visiting them?

Because they have the information you seek and they look good, and they have relevant products. All companies who are serious about expanding their customer base get online. This means creating a great website with the correct detailing to the total image presented.

The images on your website matter. The content on your website matters. The whole layout matters. There’s a lot behind creating a website. While you can go ahead and buy a domain name, but if you don’t choose the right layout which is aesthetically pleasing, flatters your product and showcases it in the right manner, your website will fail.

Website Platforms

If you’ve never created a website before,  We highly suggest using the WordPress platform to build your website. It’s become a lot easier now to design and create a new website from scratch while looking good.


It is important that you don’t skimp n the details and the attention you give to your website. It is your online representation of your company, and this is what people will see when they are connected to your business online. You always want to give off the best impression because you know how the saying goes; the first impression is always the lasting impression. We may not want that to be so, but it always good to have all the advantages on your side.

#4 – Branding & Packaging

Your hair branding is extremely important for your hair extension business.

When you ship out your product to your customer, your package is your form of free advertising. Your customer’s friends may see the box when its getting delivered it may be visible and getting your brand out here means doing all you can to attract potential clients.

A poorly designed box may not make a difference to a client who has already bought your product.

Branded Bags

Bags like these can make a difference to the way your product is packaged. These bags automatically visually upgrade your product and add a touch of style and class.

But remember, everyone is social, and  they are buying your product is that they want to look good when they go out. Nobody ever bought hair extensions and stayed at home. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, and this means to flaunt your brand.

If you own your store, best way to showcase your hair extensions. Just displaying them on the wall is not enough. People like to see close-up and see how it hangs – you have to demonstrate the thickness, the way it falls on a body, the volume – and all of this is not easy to understand if it is displayed on the wall.

A hair extension stand can display your hair extensions perfectly – showcasing all the above points without taking the chance of the extensions getting tangled. You have a great product; you need a product to emphasize the great qualities of your hair extensions.


#5 – No Inventory with Drop Shipping or free shipping by yourself

Dropshipping is the process where another company holds inventory and ships out the product on your behalf to the customer.


This eliminates the need for you to sink large amounts of capital into buying hair inventory, paying for storage space and more from the get-go. Having a reliable company who can do all that and more for you can make starting your own hair extension business a reality very easily without the headaches.



Hair inventory can tie up a massive chunk of your capital because you can’t have only one piece in one style. You will need to stock various styles, lengths, and colors and if you’re just starting out, it makes no sense.


As soon as you have three bundles of 22″ Brazilian Body Wave you will get an order for four. Then you are short. It happens to clients all the time and that is why they love the drop shipping program.


free shipping by yourself means you have the order but you dont want your suppiler to shipping directly to your buyer,then you just paid first directly to your supplier when you have the order and shipping whenever to your customer everywhere in your local or overseas order.this also most companies like it ,since you want starting your own brand products.


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