We are a manufacturer for virgin human hair extensions bundles in China,we do wholesale export,but we also welcome retailer,salon owner,beauty shop owner,personal bundles hair selling

We are a manufacturer for virgin human hair extensions bundles in China,we do wholesale export,but we also welcome retailer,salon owner,beauty shop owner,personal bundles hair selling. because since 4 years ago,we starting stock all the hair extensions to support our hair retailer clients,hair extensions salon owners,hair and wigs beauty shop owners,and personal hair extensions and virgin […]

why some people are dont understand whats the different between funmi hair bundles and virgin humanhair bundles?

Welcome to our store that is owned by Elegance Wigs Limited in China. We founder of this hair since we do Nigeria market from 2008,we deals with a large variety of hair extensions in different textures, most of our clients bought straight, wave, curly extensions, and Ombre hair is also very popular among them. They […]

Hair Extensions Basics: What You Need to Know About Virgin Remy Hair

When it comes to hair extensions, one word that’s often thrown around is “Remy”. The term “Remy” is used broadly by different people, making it very confusing for those with no professional knowledge on the subject. There exists, however, one accurate definition of Remy hair. Remy is not really a name of a specific product, but […]

The Virgin Hair Weave and the Significance of Hair in Many Cultures

People have worn weaves for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians, for example, were believed to have worn hair pieces to accentuate their looks. During their time, men would shave and create wigs out of their hair to avoid getting lice and enjoy adequate protection from harsh desert weather. Between the 1700s and 1900s in […]

Why Some of the Best Hair Extensions Are Made of Virgin Remy Hair

If you’ve ever browsed the hair extension market, you probably noticed early on that there are numerous types of hair extensions. Hair extensions vary by source, color, type, and other specifications. One of the highest quality types of hair on the market, though, is Remy hair. To be classified as Remy, hair must be gathered […]

Virgin Hair vs Remy Hair – Is there a difference?

Lot’s of people ask about virgin hair and remy hair, so we thought we could give this breakdown.Remy Hair is not always virgin hair, in fact it rarely means that. Although the two terms are used interchangeably, they have completely different meanings.  However, despite what other human hair sites may tell you, virgin and remy […]

How to Select a Virgin or Malaysian Hair Weave of the Best Quality

Perfectly styled hair can have a dramatic impact on your look, which is why a gorgeous weave is a great option to consider. If you have tried other weaves in the past, however, you may have been disappointed by their poor quality. They may have frizzed, easily tangled, or even burdened with an unnatural look […]


It is important that you follow these Remy Virgin hair care instructions so your new hair extensions will last as long as possible. Please follow the hair care instructions below to help maintain longevity of your hair extensions. Before Using Remy Virgin Hair Thoroughly inspect each piece making sure the color, texture, length and pattern is […]

How TO Distinguish Virgin Hair And Remy Hair

Hello, every hair users, did you even have the problem with distinguish the Virgin Hair from Remy Hair. On the hair market the shop always mix this two hair, most of them use the Remy Hair instead of the Virgin Hair for getting more profit, but who will ignore the quality and bad curly and […]

All About Weaves & Choosing the Best Hair for Sew-Ins

It can be a confusing world of hair types when you’re looking for the perfect addition to your hairstyle. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about weaves, wigs, closures, what kind of hair will suit your needs, and how to take care of it. Types of Hair for Weaves Synthetic Hair […]