What does it mean to have a Jewish wig,Kosher or Jewish style human hair wig?

What does it mean to have a “Jewish” wig or “Jewish style” wig?
For years, Jewish women’s needs have really led the wig industry in terms of quality of hair and workmanship. many Jewish women have followed the tradition of covering their hair upon engagement and/or marriage. Keeping up with the needs of the market, As a result, in the wig making industry has come to recognize “Jewish” wigs as the gold standard in wig making. This doesn’t mean that ALL Jewish wigs are well made, just that typically speaking, they are.

So now that you know what we mean, let’s get deeper into discussing Jewish wigs. Typically Jewish wigs are required to be rabbinically certified as Kosher, which means that Jewish women typically will not select a wig made of Indian hair because of the possibility that hair was collected as part of a religious sacrifice (temple hair). As a result, most Jewish wigs are made with either Mongolian or European hair.

Mongolian hair is often used because out of all the Asian textures, it’s widely recognized as being fine enough to “pass” for European hair. European hair is used because it’s often oversold as the only texture suitable for Caucasians (when in reality, Caucasians can wear many textures).

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