When summer coming,would you like hair extensions for Healthy & Bouncy Hair?HAIR EXTENSIONS THAT MAKE YOU HAIR LOOK LONGER AND BOUNCY

“When summer coming,would you like hair extensions for Healthy & Bouncy Hair?

All the pretty ladies out there, if you also want healthy, longer & shiny hair we have got some amazing Luxury elegance hair extensions that will going to help you in achieving the same. Of course every girl dream of healthy and long hair but we all are not blessed with the same. Reason could be many, some people don’t have good hair due to heredity or may be due to bad lifestyle or unhealthy eating.

Some girls also complaints about hair falls and slow growing of hair. It is due to the fact that you are not caring for your hair locks. You have to be very caring and patient when it comes to hair. As it is said Good hair enhances your look and personality which is really true. So to help you all Team Awesum hair have got 5 amazing hair hacks that are going to help your hair in looking longer and bouncy . All you need to be is patient and regular as your hair are no less than a baby who needs proper nourishment and ultra-care.


Don’t comb Wet Hair extensions:– Now this may sound like a joke but yes by not combing wet hair you are really going to provide your hair a longer life.  What you should all do is towel dry your hair & then untangled them with your fingers. Brushing your wet hair has more chances of hair loss as the hair are in its weak state when they are wet. You can also dry your hair by sitting in sunlight which will also provide Vitamin D to your hair roots.

These hacks will provide health, volume and bounce to your hair. But remember you have to follow them on routine basis.

  1. Hair Extensions:- Now many of you may not have adequate time for these tricks and tips or you may be searching for something which will help you instantly. Well trust us there is nothing which is naturally going to make your hair look bouncy and longer instantly or in short run. So we bring a solution to your problem which is Hair extensions. Awesum Hair extensions will provide your hair bounce and lengths instantly. Before buying the hair extension do your research properly. Hair Extensions are available in various colors and textures, and they span from blonde to purple; stick straight to super curly. When deciding on your shade, chose the darker one to maintain a natural look. And for texture, it is always best to match the extensions with your own hair’s original state. Remember always compare the color of your extensions with your natural hair color till you find the best match. Hair extensions are a precious and exquisite addition to your hair. They give you the look of your dreams by adding volume, length and appearance. However, before buying them, make sure you make the right choice.Human hair is usually more expensive because it gives you the natural look of softness, shine, and natural movement that you would expect from real hair. It also has the ability to be cut, styled, and colored. Human hair is usually more expensive because it gives you the natural look of softness, shine, and natural movement that you would expect from real hair. It also has the ability to be cut, styled, and colored. Human hair wigs and hair pieces don’t have the natural oils that the hair growing from our scalp does, so it is important to use the proper products to keep the hair hydrated and conditioned. This should be done daily to extend the life of your human hair wigs or hair piece.We have 3 varieties of clip in hair extensions . Clip in Human Hair Extensions for Fine Hair, Clip in Hair Extensions for Regular Hair & Clip in Human Hair Extensions for Thick Hair. Our Hair Extensions are made up of Virgin Remy Human Hair. Virgin Remy Indian temple hair famous for its longevity and durability. These are the best quality of hair in the world.

If not this you can also go for permanent hair extension Permanent methods involves adding many small attachments strand-by-strand. Examples: micro rings or micro bonds. Similar to Tape-In hair extensions these are attached to your natural hair. Temporary methods are best for occasions. They are normally used when you want a new or enhanced look for the weekend, or for a special event. Clip in hair extensions are excellent, they can be easily clipped in & give you a great look in minutes and then can be removed just as easily afterwards.

Permanent methods are for extra bounce, and to gain extra volume, length or both on a daily basis. The most popular method is the micro ring method as it is a re-usable method. However, the latest Invisible Tape-in hair extensions are an awesome option for those who have fine hair & just want extra length and/or volume on a semi-permanent basis

  1. Invest on Right Products:-  Hair is a crown that women wear throughout her life , It is really important to invest on your hair as they are the biggest asset of your personality. A head full of  bouncy and long hair makes the women look more pretty and beautiful. So this is why you all need some essential products to keep them healthy. These are as follows :-

Use conditioner after Shampoo – Now this may sound easy but ladies it is really                 important as conditioner will provide shine to your dull hair . Also remember that conditioner should be applied on lengths properly .Not only this conditioner makes your strands smooth and soft and more ready to hold the volume that the consequent shampooing  will add to your hair. Always use conditioner according to your hair , For example if you have coloured hair go for a conditioner that protects hair color or if you have dull hair use conditioner which provides more shine and softness. Also the more recommended brands are  L’Oréal Paris hair conditioners ,schwarzkopf conditioners ,Aveda conditioners and much more.

Make sure our luxury elegance hair extensions products will definitely make your hair style looking more bouncy and sexly.

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